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Every person is unique, which is why we use a number of tools to help you. We specialise in the Birkman Assessment and are also experienced in coaching individuals through 16 Strengths (Myers-Briggs), Enneagram, and StrengthFinder.



Coaching is all about calling, clarity, and accountability.
Through focused 1:1 conversations, we will work to create goals and next steps.

1:1 Life and Leadership Coaching

A. $75/session

B. Cancel anytime, and only pay for the sessions you use!

Birkman Assessment: Individual

A. Birkman Signature Assessment 

B. 2-hour debrief  




Birkman is the premiere assessment tool for business coaching, career coaching, and team coaching. Work with a certified Birkman Signature Assessor and invest in your team's future.

Birkman Assessment: Team

A. Introduction to Birkman for the team

B. 90-minute assessment for each team member
C. Two, 2-hour team-building sessions

Contact for pricing

Community Pricing

Community Pricing

We believe coaching should be accessible to all.
This is why we offer a 3-session ‘community pricing’ for students and clients facing financial needs.

Our community price: you pay 2.5 times your hourly salary (min. $37.50) per session.

Companies We've Worked With

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Companies and Clients
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