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Deep Roots Coaching provides Birkman assessments, team-building, and coaching to help you imagine your future and take the necessary steps forward.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a Series of Focused Conversations Designed to help you

move forward on your life’s journey. Coaches work alongside clients to listen, act on new and existing ideas, and provide encouragement and guidance.

Our role is to help seek out one’s possibility, purpose and transform it into progress.

Who Needs a Coach?

Some individuals sought out coaches in times when they feel stuck. Others find coaches when their current success is no longer satisfying. Or simply when they see opportunity on the horizon but don’t know how to get there. A

coach will listen deeply and be your champion, offering support and insight as you move in the direction of your goals.

Is Coaching for Me?

Coaching can help guide individuals who:

  • Have goals and dreams, but aren’t sure how to take the first step

  • Want to make a change, but feel overwhelmed, or tempted to settle for less?

  • are willing to be honest with themselves and commit to actioned steps


Deep Roots Coaches Team

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Our Services


Coaching and Gift Assessments

Helping you move forward.

The Grip-Birkman is a two-part Gifts and Behavioral Assessment, which provides powerful insights for both individuals and teams.


The Birkman Method® provides an in-depth understanding of who we are naturally, highlighting how we effectively engage with those around us.


Our workshops are open regularly online. We are also available for retreat and small group bookings.

Birkman Assessments

Compass for Calling

Compass for Calling provides tools that give you insight and clarity for your life's calling. In five interactive sessions we show how your unique design, passions, preparation, and calling give clues to your life's purpose.

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‘The Birkman Method’ is an assessment tool used widely in the fields of career coaching, leadership development, human resources management, and organizational design today.



Calvin, Hamilton

Alongside helping me set a pathway to achieving my goals, Steve has helped me realize that my dreams are actually quite possible. His enthusiasm has turned my fear into excitement. He helped me realize how much I was holding myself back; and by asking the right questions, he has guided me in figuring out what success looks like and how to get there.


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