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What is Transformational Coaching?

My approach to coaching is informed by my training in Transformational Coaching (TC), a phrase that requires a bit of explanation.

First, coaching: as the previous post describes, coaching is a professional relationship that’s based on the goals and desires of the client. Coaches listen well, ask good questions that affirm, challenge, and open new possibilities, and help the client craft a way forward.

What exactly is transformational about transformational coaching? TC suggests that the real goal, the real telos, or aim of our journeys is transformation. It suggests that while the work we do is important, even central to our work, the real game is what’s going on inside. Our transformation (read: personal development, soul work, spiritual growth) is what’s central to this work.

This is what’s so exciting to me about this process. The conversation has a specific goal in mind, with measurable outcome. At the same time, it affirms that we are so much more than the tasks at hand; we are immeasurably complex, wonderfully made, a swirl of flesh, mind, soul, and spirit, and deeper awareness of that reality is so crucial.

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