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Birkman and Grip-Birkman Assessments

The Birkman (and Grip-Birkman) is a powerful Gifts and Behavioral Assessment tools that provides essential insights for individuals and teams

The Birkman Method® provides an in-depth understanding of who we are naturally, highlighting how we effectively engage with those around us.

Your Leadership Grip unpacks your supernatural design through looking at us individually, as an empowered team member, and as one building the Body of Christ.


The assessment explores the three following categories:

  • Who we are as individuals — How we identify our own my strengths, weaknesses, and determine the teams we need around us to thrive.

  • Who we are as team — How we rely on each other’s spiritual gifts and empower each other to meet each other’s needs.

  • Who we are as “groups of we” — How we, as teams and groups within a larger organization, find clarity, direction, and shared calling.

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The Grip-Birkman tools were very helpful for identifying and affirming the places where my gifts fit well into team settings.  Steve's thoughtful questions and insights made a big difference in understanding where and how to apply the gifts I have.

John Schuurman, MSW

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