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Our Vision

Our vision is to see you come alive to what gives you joy and purpose.

To help you utilise your gifts to make a unique impact.


We’ll help you find that sweet spot where “your greatest joy and the world’s greatest needs meet.”  We're here to bring postures of curiosity and warmth, trusting your internal strength and wisdom to show a good way forward. 

Our Vision/About Us

Our Approach

We offer three approaches to coaching that are tailored to meet your needs:


1. Solution-focused Coaching – Through focused 1:1 conversations, we dig into a pressing issue or perennial challenge in order to find the point of stuckness so that you can move past it into a thriving life.

2. Personality and gift assessments – We are certified Birkman, leadership GRIP, and TRAC assessors. We can also coach you through your Enneagram, Strengthsfinder, and Myers-Briggs results. Through these assessments, we help you identify what makes you "you" and how your unique gifts contribute to relationship, work, and more.  

3. Team-Building and Group Coaching – We design custom resources to help your team grow and thrive!

Our Approach

"Our life is to be a thing of truth and also a thing of beauty
in the midst of a lost and despairing world."

- Francis Schaeffer

Our Team

Our Team

Steve Dykstra
Founder, Life Coach, etc.

     Steve is a father of two, and in addition to coaching, he pastors a small urban congregation called New Hope. Having lived in Hamilton for 17 years, he has cultivated a deep love and respect for the city's grit and culture.


     When it comes to coaching, his foci include solution-focused coaching and motivational interviewing. Steve has partnered and trained with Leaders Breakthru, and three years ago, he started his own coaching practice. He's proud to have served so many people in Hamilton and the GTA. In addition to his work with Deep Roots Coaching, Steve also provides business and leadership coaching through BetterUp, Healing Arts Collective, and Pastor-Church Resources. His coaching clients range from young adults to those who are late in their career. Together they've covered topics ranging from managing divorce, navigating toxic workplaces, career development, and interpersonal conflict, working towards a healthy and satisfying life.


     Steve is a big advocate of living a life that’s marked by clarity, confidence, joy, and passion. FIX Being able to partner with people in their journeys and seeing them come alive to purpose gives him great joy in coaching. He'd love to connect with you and help you unearth and grow toward your goals!

Helen Van Beilen
Life Coach

About Helen:

- credentials

- educational background

- experience

- passions

- personal/about me

- etc.

About Helen
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